Just because you live in an assisted living community doesn’t mean you can’t be tech-savvy. Age doesn’t always have to equate to being behind in the times. Since technology is constantly evolving, it’s up to you to make sure that you stay up to date with the latest online safety precautions. If you’re a senior citizen, looking to have a safe online browsing experience, here are the best ones to get familiar with. 


Use Anti Virus 


There are all sorts of dangerous websites out there looking to infect your computer. Make sure that you use antivirus software that will keep your system safe. The great news is that there are several free programs out there that you don’t even have to pay for. Always keep it running in the background, and make sure that it’s updated regularly. Viruses and hacking methods are constantly evolving, so you want to make sure that your software is ready for anything. 

Don’t Choose Weak Passwords 


As hackers become more and more capable of accessing your personal information, it’s more important than ever that you choose strong passwords that are difficult to guess. Remember the last time that you answered a clickbait question on Facebook asking what the name of your favorite pet was, or where you were born? Don’t do that next time. 

Hackers know that people are most likely to choose the most obvious password for their sensitive information. Instead of choosing something like your pet’s name, or the street you were born on, choose something much more difficult to guess.  That way, you know that your information is protected and you don’t risk being hacked. Just make sure that it’s something you can remember, or you write it down in a safe place where no one can find it. 


Only Shop On Reputable Websites 


Over 50% of Google users use the search engine for online shopping.  It’s pretty typical to do a Google search for whatever product you’re looking to buy. However, purchasing from the first website that pops up in your results could be dangerous. Don’t assume that whatever website Google shows you is a safe choice. Instead, only buy from reputable stores you’re familiar with. Think places like Target or Amazon. This isn’t to say you can’t purchase from smaller shops, but always make sure that it has some online reviews first. It’s not uncommon for untrustworthy websites to steal your payment information and use it for malicious purposes. 


Don’t Open Attachments From Unknown Senders 


One of the most common forms of online attack is email attachments. If you receive an email from someone you don’t know, don’t open the attachment. In some cases, this may even happen from someone you know. In the case that one of your friends’ emails or social media accounts is hacked, the hacker may try to convince you to open a link. Trust your gut, and if you suspect a friend’s page has been hacked, err on the side of caution!