The recent pandemic has forced us to stay inside, but with the latest technology, work from home has become a new wave. Online working has made things easier for all office goers, and business annual general meeting of board members and shareholders are also held through virtual imaging. Annual general meeting webcast or AGM webcast is becoming very popular during these testing times.

All about AGM webcast

The conventional ways of holding a meeting in a conference room are all becoming a thing of the past. Now with everything going digital, things need to move according to digital protocols. The whole world is currently going through digitalization. Most of the companies are having their annual general meeting through a special AGM webcast. It allows you to conduct virtual AGM on a secure and reliable platform. It allows you to take part in the meeting as though you are physically present there.

The advantages of AGM webcast

  • Safe and secure platform

The annual general meeting webcast is conducted on a safe and secure platform, where you can be sure that all the information you share does not go outside.

  • Restricted entry

The annual general meeting will be allowed to members and shareholders who have registered themselves for the meeting. The other will not be allowed to participate in the AGM. The pre-registered members or shareholders are given unique login that does not allow any duplicates of permissions for entry.

  • Join from anywhere in the world

The shareholders and board members can join the meeting from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection. Any device can be used for the AGM webcast. It would be best if you had pre-registration a few days before your AGM. The unique log in ensures that only the members who have registered are present for the meeting.

  • Interaction without any interruption

The meeting is held without any interruptions, and the webcast allows the participants to ask their questions via text. Real-time voting is possible during the session.