At any 디지털 마케팅 에이전시, you will be able to learn more about digital marketing.  What is digital marketing? In a nutshell, it is also known as the online marketing. It is a term that is utilized for all engagement and marketing activities which are done on online media channels. The digital marketing role is to help you in getting noticed, found, getting leads, and then turning the leads into return customers.

The following frequently asked questions regarding digital marketing might help you understand it more:

Why is it that digital marketing is important?

The reason why digital marketing happens to be quite important when it comes to your business no matter the type of business that you are doing is that, modern consumers are connected to the web throughout on a 24/7 basis because of the availability of mobile tablets and smartphones. Electronic devices like such are the first things which adults utilize in the morning and they are the last thing that about 95% of the adults also utilize before going to sleep.

How did we get to digital marketing?

You can get to understand this by getting to know a brief history about digital marketing:

How did we get there?

Marketing is not new. It has been here for the last over 4000 years and can be traced to when the merchants of the Egyptians utilized papyrus in making sales posters. With the millennia it changed but not quite much. The owners of business which could afford it utilized print advertisement in broadcasting their services and goods.

In the 1940s before the start of marketing to resemble what is currently in the market, with the competition in business across the world becoming more intense, advertising and marketing began to heat up with businesses trying to one up each other so that they could gain a competitive advantage in the process.

Digital marketing started in 1990s with the access to the digital media becoming easier. The 1990s is what gave birth to giants such as Yahoo, Google, and the first web ads banner, which would then pave way to the digital growth in the current millennium.

With the new millennium, came the web 2.0 which blew the marketing the way it was known before. In the 1990s and the early digital marketing days, it was still all about advertising to people. With the development of Web 2.0, it all changed how people utilized the internet, causing marketers to change the way they were marketing. It became more about having to create an experience which people want to be a part of more than overtly advertising to someone.

What is the Web 2.0?

The web 2.0 is what is utilized in describing the World Wide Web second generation, where the static HTML pages was moved to dynamic and interactive web experience. Web 2.0 is focused on people’s ability to collaborate and sharing information online through blogging, social media and the communities which are web based.