• Video – It is impossible to ignore a video as it never fails in bringing messages and emotions. The remarkable thing is with time, video hosting and production are becoming more affordable. For keeping dispersed workers engaged and connected, people use video conferencing, presentations, or recorded meetings.
  • Intranet – Lots of information happen around in an organization and so, it becomes tough to manage them, keep them updated and turn them accessible. In this situation, an ideal company intranet tends to be worthy in every sense. With easy searchability and categorized content, it turns into an important repository of important info.
  • Mobile applications – It is easy to manage employees through various mobile applications. When it is done appropriately, then it alters the entire experience of employees. Employee applications turn into a single portal where everyone within an organization can perform various jobs and also remain connected. Mobile applications are considered one of the vital company internal communication tools when a huge proportion of people’s workplaces tend to be field-based workers or remote and where customary communication channels do not become effective.
  • Screensavers – Every person observes screensavers as they are highly-visual and eye-catching. Corporate screensavers are considered a huge untapped channel to get employee attention. The screensavers have flexible designs, videos, and images and you can integrate them for forming potent digital billboards.

Getting familiar with workflow automation

Workflow automation is referred to the design, automation, and execution of processes formed on the rules of a workflow. Here, human files, data, and tasks get routed between systems or people formed on some pre-defined business rules.

What are the steps for effective workflow automation?

Management should recognize the areas that require workflow improvement before they implement workflow automation and the ideal process to accomplish this is by making some visual representations of the present workflow through the use of flow diagrams. It will provide people an improved understanding of their business workflow besides helping them in recognizing repetitive jobs. Today, it is easy to form workflow automation which will augment as well as simplify the present workflow.

When people identify the issue, they should define their business goals clearly. Then, people need to explain the process in which their business goals would be achieved by forming workflow automation. It is vital to zero on the means very well. People should decide on the process that they wish to utilize for achieving the business goals. An appropriate workflow tends to be user-friendly, simple, and easily adaptable by every user.

It is also important to train employees regarding the method of using the workflow software. Employees must be involved from the start and they must be explained the process in which the software would help them. When you give your employees a clear route of transition to the novice system from the earlier process then it will become a highly smooth process. However, along the line, it is always important for organizations to opt for the best workforce automation software available in the market.