Different studies have proved that around 60 to 70 percent of UK people are using Facebook. On the other side, around 3o to 31 million people are using Facebook regularly with 20 times in a day. So, if you have a small business or want to expand your customer base, then Facebook is a perfect platform for you.

Are you looking for the best way to increase your fan following on Facebook? If yes, then its time to go for a Facebook Competition. When you work with the best agency for this, you can increase your followers by 1000 within a week. Besides, you don’t have to spend much on this. The competition is cool, and through the Facebook competition, you can target customers of a particular area. Let’s have a look into some of the major benefits of running a Facebook competition.

Top benefits of doing a Facebook competition for your business

  1. It helps in creating a strong social media base

If your company is all new to Facebook, and you don’t have many followers, then Facebook contest can give a massive boost to your company’s social media page. You can enjoy exponential growth. Just image, if you 100 fans joined the contest which encouraged sharing and liking the posts.

People who see the posts will like your page, and you will get a high level of engagement. If you are doing a contest for the first time, then go for sweepstakes. The reason is this has a low-level entry barrier. On the other side, most of the apps come with sweepstakes options.

  1. Contest increases the social media engagement

Indeed, the most major aspect of doing social media marketing is not just to gain more likes or followers, but also to increase the level of commitment. Most of the social media sites, such as Facebook, give importance to audience interaction. In detail, engagement measures the number of audiences talking about your company or brand.

The rate affects how the algorithms are determined if they will display the post to a massive audience or not. Contests can involve shares, followers, comments, or retweets. These are the major elements of good social media engagement. However, don’t rely on contests always, but use them to create engaging content.

  1. This is cost-effective

If compared, you will find the Facebook competition is inexpensive than other types of marketing strategies. The cost depends on the price that you can give. On the other side, the cost of making a sponsored post is also minimal. Are you using a premium app for this? If yes, then this will be a one-time investment for you. Once purchased, you can use the app whenever you carry out the contest. The social media contests gain a lot of engagement, and you should try it.

  1. Increases the likes

Remember that there is no such proven way to get massive likes. The first thing is you can consider the effectiveness of your contest to obtain more exposures and likes. Audiences who have entered into the competition probably already like the page. However, if they haven’t, they will like your page so that they can know who the winner is. Another thing that you can do it, making liking compulsory to participate in the contest. It is an effective way to boost followers.

  1. The participants are a valuable source of consumer data

Different studies have proved that the contestants are an effective source of information. For example, you can carry out a contest as a medium to get audience information which can be used for your company’s future marketing efforts. If you are in the middle of the way to define the target audience or want to refine it, such contests can help you a lot in this. On the other side, you can add different questions, through which you can know about the customer’s interest, habits, and other important information which can be used to promote the brand.

  1. Interested audiences will do marketing for you

The primary aim of the social media contest is to enhance brand awareness among the target customers. Even though it is not immediately boosting your sale, but your Facebook page can appear in the newsfeed. Through the competitions, engaged customers can help you in spreading your message across different platforms.

So, Facebook competition can bring a lot of benefits. All you need to follow all the competition tips carefully and you are ready to build your brand awareness and enjoy the profits.